BMI Ranges and their meaning

Body mass index range and their meaning By Plantake – Body mass index range BMI, or Body mass index range, is a widely used

Diet plan for perfect bmi

Diet for maintaining perfect BMI By Plantake Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential for overall health and well- being. One way to achieve

Face fat loss diet

Face fats diet loss journey By Plantake – face fat diet Water: Drinking water is the best way to stay naturally hydrated. Drink at-least

Facial exercise benefits

Benefits of face exercises By Plantake – Benefits of face exercises What you can expect : Benefits of face exercises Facial exercises will tighten

Facial exercise mistakes to avoid

Does facial exercise really work By Plantake – Does facial exercise really work Precautions to take while doing the exercises – Does facial exercise

Find the right muscles

How to find the right muscles? By Plantake In order to help strengthen you pelvic floor muscles, it is important that you take time

Habits for good posture

Daily habits for better posture By Plantake Maintaining a healthy posture will improve your confidence, boost your self-esteem and energy levels, which is an

How to do kegel exercises?

How to do kegel exercises? By Plantake Step 1 (Identify the right muscles) : Check out the article about “How to find right muscles”


Mewing By Plantake – what is mewing What is MEWING? : Mewing is a technique in which the tongue is placed on the roof


Obesity – What does obese look like By Plantake – What does obese look like What does obese look like? Obesity is a chronic

Posture exercise mistakes

Mistakes to avoid during Best Posture Corrector exercises By Plantake – Best Posture Corrector Best Posture Corrector • Not warming up: Warming up before

Results of posture exercise

When will I see the results? By Plantake – posture correcting exercises Correcting posture correcting exercises takes time and consistency, but the results are