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A journal, in its most basic form, is a personal record or diary where individuals document their thoughts, experiences, and reflections. It serves as a written or digital space for individuals to express themselves, record their daily activities, and engage in self-reflection. Journals can take various forms, from handwritten notebooks and digital applications to specialized journals for specific purposes, like gratitude or meditation.

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Sirajis salikin
Sirajis salikin@vampire
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I recently tried the Pranayema app, and it has truly transformed my meditation practice. The app offers a wide range of guided meditations for different purposes, from stress relief to sleep improvement.
Al-Musabbir Rahman
Al-Musabbir Rahman@ayon
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This meditation app is a true game changer, It's super user-friendly, and the guided meditations are incredibly soothing and effective. I've seen a significant improvement in my stress levels since using it.
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Using this app feels like embarking on a soulful journey inward. The guided meditations gently lead me into the depths of my consciousness, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.
Md Badhon
Md Badhon@badhon
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Recently tried a lot of app for meditation. But this one is really different to me. The app features are so good to understand and the premium is reasonable. Recomanded for everyone 🥰🥰
Md abdullah
Md abdullah@abdullah
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Float has transformed my sleep routine. The meditation sessions relax my mind, the breathing exercises ground me, and the sleep feature ensures I get quality rest. I wake up feeling rejuvenated!
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson@ronald
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Excellent app helping me out with my daily routine. Reath exercise and meditation keeping me calm and healthy. Thank you!
Sakib Al Hasan
Sakib Al Hasan@sakib09
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It's a really great app. Great meditation, great soundscape the ability to let them play outside the app for many hours. Love this app 😃😃
FS Waleed
FS Waleed@waleed
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This app has turned my mindfulness journey into a joyful adventure. The playful meditation techniques and interactive features make the practice enjoyable, encouraging me to meditate regularly with a smile on my face.
Meherul Islam
Meherul Islam@meherul
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I’ve tried many meditation apps, but Float stands out. The guided meditations are soothing, the breathing exercises help me de-stress, and the sleep feature ensures I have restful nights.
Ratna G
Ratna G@ratna
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Best meditation app ever. Definitely recommended. PS- Developers really worked hard on the user experience. UI: 10/10 FREE STUFF: 10/10 Onboarding: 10/10
Rezaul Karim
Rezaul Karim@reza
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This app is a masterpiece in the world of meditation. Its variety of practices ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator. A true gem in the play store store.