Go Kegel - kegel exercise app

Go kegel exercise app is one of the best & most medically accurate and advance pelvic floor exercise app. Through this app, you can kegel daily and train your pelvic floor muscles in the best way. And this is a completely free app. This pelvic floor exercise app strengthens the pelvic floor muscles for men and women.

Go Kegel – Pelvic floor exercises is your personal trainer. A few minutes per day can give you the best results! This is your 5 minute kegel exercising app. Don’t know how to do Kegels? You don’t have to worry anymore. With personalized trainer for both men and women, you can be the best version of yourself.

kegel exercise app For beginners

Each kegel exercise has a detailed description, as well as a virtual instructor during exercising will guide and suggest what and how to perform pelvic floor exercises like your personal kegel trainer. Whenever you need to squeeze, relax, or tighten your pelvic floor muscles just follow the plan and follow the instructions!

Personalized kegel trainer for women & men

• Workout intensity low to moderate
• Helps you to perform better
• Helps you to locate the pelvic floor muscle
• Visual & voice guidance
• Reminds you to do pelvic floor exercises
• Progress graph for improvement
• Takes less than 5 minutes

Additional feature

Dark and light theme for a better experience.

Screens - kegel exercise app

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