Postural correction exercises

Postural correction exercises will improve your posture and reduce back pain!
Our easy-to-follow exercises, stretches and yoga target key muscle groups to help correct bad posture, fix rounded shoulders and improve overall body allignment

A few minutes per day can give you the best results! This is your go-to 5 minute posturefix exercise app.
With personalized posture improving exercises for both men and women, you can bring the best version of your body by yourself. 

Our progress tracking feature also made it even more easier to develop good posture habits.
Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or recovering from an injury, our program is tailored to help you achieve optimal posture and reduce pain. 

We have chosen the most effective and working posture fixing exercises which will straighten your muscle, increase your height, fix rounded shoulders, fix curved waist and bring you in a perfect shape if you do the exercises on a regular basis. Download our app now and start your journey to a healthier,  more confident you!

Personalized Postural correction exercises

• Visual and audible cues/guidance
• Serves as a reminder to perform posture fixing exercises.
• Improvement progress graph
• It only takes 5 minutes a day.
• Low to moderate yet effective workout intensity
• Makes you appear more attractive and sharper.
• Height increasing exercises
• Yoga for good posture
• Yoga for rounded shoulders
• Exercises for rounded shoulders

Additional features - Postural correction exercises

• Dark and light theme for a more enjoyable experience.
• Personalized Reminder as part of your daily routine
• Useful articles to help you get started on your quest to straighten your back, shoulder and waist!
• Attractive and easy to use User Interface
• Progress tracking to monitor your progress

Muscle straightening exercises for beginners - Postural correction exercises

Muscle straightening exercises are exercises that are designed to help improve posture and straighten out muscle imbalances. These exercises are particularly useful for beginners who may be experiencing pain or discomfort due to poor posture.


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